The Secret Garden and the bubble car

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to see work underway to restore the Walled Garden in Castle Park, Bangor.

I was extremely impressed at the work being carried out by North Down Borough Council to open up what was previously a very Secret Garden.

On my way to the garden I was amazed to see a bubble car, resembling the image above. After attending the Irish Transport Trust Bus Rally at Cultra the day was truly special. It seems that the car was manufactured by Peel Engineering.

27 April 2008

Shared communities are sustainable communities

"Shared communities are sustainable communities".

Not my words but the words of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Chairman Gerry Millar.

As reported in today's Irish News, the RICS have launched their three year manifesto.

Commenting, Gerry Millar confirmed my belief that a Shared Society is the only way forward to deliver a successful economy with a sustainable environment when he stated “Addressing division is without doubt one of the biggest and most pressing challenges facing Northern Ireland today”.

“Massive expense is incurred by paying for duplicate facilities to serve our divided community and division causes inefficiencies and waste that increase Northern Ireland’s ecological footprint and are impeding the economy’s ability to reach it’s potential”

“It has been recognised that social inclusion is the bedrock of civilisation and shared communities are sustainable communities”.

“This means greater efficiency and cost savings, enhanced quality of life and healthier local and global environment”.

Martin Luther King forty years on

Today marks the fortieth Anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jnr.

Since my childhood I have considered MLK to be my idol.

MLK passionately believed in human rights and equality and was able to convey this passion to the public in a clear motivational manner.

Despite the challenges he remained opposed to violence, choosing dialogue and non violence protest instead of the cowardly and fundamentally wrong option of bombs and bullets.

Whilst I believe in a secular society where no one religion is imposed on others MLK was right to be driven by his Christian beliefs. Christianity can have an enormously positive impact when properly interpreted. God put us on earth to love not hate.

Forty years after his murder many people continue to distort gods message in order to justify discrimination and intolerant attitudes.

On this day I urge everyone to review Martin Luther King’s correct interpretation of Christianity and follow the example set by MLK, best described when he stated “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”.