Shared communities are sustainable communities

"Shared communities are sustainable communities".

Not my words but the words of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Chairman Gerry Millar.

As reported in today's Irish News, the RICS have launched their three year manifesto.

Commenting, Gerry Millar confirmed my belief that a Shared Society is the only way forward to deliver a successful economy with a sustainable environment when he stated “Addressing division is without doubt one of the biggest and most pressing challenges facing Northern Ireland today”.

“Massive expense is incurred by paying for duplicate facilities to serve our divided community and division causes inefficiencies and waste that increase Northern Ireland’s ecological footprint and are impeding the economy’s ability to reach it’s potential”

“It has been recognised that social inclusion is the bedrock of civilisation and shared communities are sustainable communities”.

“This means greater efficiency and cost savings, enhanced quality of life and healthier local and global environment”.