Another fine PPS mess

Today’s news has been dominated by the story that the case against the only person charged in relation to the Northern Bank Robbery has collapsed after the prosecution decided not to provide any further evidence.

This revelation provides yet more evidence that the Public Prosecution Service isn’t fit for purpose.

Shambolic events such as the trial which collapsed today only serve to further erode public confidence in the criminal justice system whilst those who perpetrated the robbery and subjected the McMullan family to disgraceful personal trauma continue to walk the streets freely.

As has been proven in recent months and years, the PPS seem to be incapable of carrying out their main duty to develop coherent cases and then professionally conduct prosecutions.

Whilst it’s important that the PPS is able to independently make decisions whether to prosecute without political interference it’s about time they were subjected to a greater degree of scrutiny.

They could start by adding accountability and transparency to their list of organisational values which currently omit such important values.

Representatives from the PPS could also start by appearing on the media and publicly answering the questions that many people now want answered.

Thursday 9 October 2008