'Go on then, jump'

Whilst listening to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Saturday morning I heard the story of Shaun Dykes who was goaded by onlookers to jump off a multi story car park in Derby. You can listen to The Today Programme’s article about Shaun by clicking here and read about the story by clicking here.

Since listening to the story on Saturday I have been trying to work out how such an incident occurred.

Whilst it is clear that the police should have moved the onlookers away the fact that people goaded a man to take his life shines a light on the serious problems that now exist within society.

During the years of economic success I feel we have developed a society were people and politicians are “seriously relaxed about people becoming filthy rich” to the extent that many people have become concerned with themselves alone without any regard for others.

The general economic slowdown now being experienced across the world will hopefully encourage a move away from greed and an individualistic society towards one which is about inclusive communities and supporting each other, including those facing difficulties in their life such as Shaun.

Monday 6 October 2008