North Down Alliance Insight

April 2009: North Down Alliance looking forward to European Elections

The Executive Committee for the North Down Association of the Alliance Party met on Monday 20 April 2009 in Bangor and discussed a wide range of issues.

High on the agenda was the forthcoming European Parliamentary Elections due to take place on Thursday 4 June 2009.

The Committee discussed the extensive efforts in place to promote the Alliance Party’s candidate for the elections, Councillor Ian Parsley. 

It was generally felt that the Election provided the opportunity for the Alliance Party to conduct a campaign which, in the words of Ian Parsley, replaces “the politics of fear with the politics of hope”.

Following the discussion on the European elections local MLA Stephen Farry provided an update on the current situation at the NI Assembly. 

General dismay was expressed in relation to the dogmatic approach being adopted by the Minister for Education in relation to the 11 plus with a number of people expressing the opinion that the Alliance Party’s position in relation to post primary transfer was correct and practical.

The meeting also discussed the recent matters concerning Policing and Justice. It was felt that big changes were ahead with both the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable soon due to leave but all were in agreement that the recent attacks by dissident republican terrorists should not be allowed to bring Northern Ireland back to the dark days of the past.

The Association meeting also discussed future fundraising events including a Coffee morning to take place during April 2009 and joint quiz with the Alliance Party’s Strangford Association scheduled for May 2009. Members were also reminded that to prepare for the Annual Summer barbeque in June and Summer Fair, due to take place in August 2009.

26 April 2009