Muir condemns Nazi graffiti

Local community activist and Alliance Party North Down Vice Chair has condemned the recent appearance of Nazi graffiti in Ward Park, Bangor.

The graffiti included a number of Nazi Swastikas in the vicinity of the Cenotaph and was reported to Andrew by a local Bangor resident via the social networking site Twitter.

Commenting on the development, Andrew stated "Graffiti is very often unsightly but in this case it is also extremely offensive. Many people commemorated at The Cenotaph died fighting Nazi tyranny. Those who painted the Swastikas should remember that without the heroic actions of the men and women commemorated in Ward Park they would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that continue to endure today. There is no place for intolerance and anti semitism in North Down and I condemn the appearance of this graffiti outright."

Concluding, Andrew stated "I am particularly thankful that North Down Borough Council promptly removed this graffiti. The incident has also been reported to the Police. Hate has no place in North Down."

19 January 2010