Muir takes action on dog fouling

Local community activist and Alliance Party North Down Chairperson Andrew Muir has called upon North Down Borough Council to roll out more dog waste bins in the Ballyholme area.

Speaking in response to a number of representations made to him by local residents, Andrew stated "I have recently received a number of phonecalls from local residents in the Ballyholme area complaining about dog fouling. Dog fouling is both unsightly and a serious health danger. Dog waste is a serious human health hazard; it can cause blindness, lung disease and other health problems and must therefore be considered very seriously”.

Continuing, Andrew remarked “One local resident recently contacted me about dog fouling in the Windmill Road and Ashley Drive areas of Ballyholme. The resident told me about some of the terrible consequences of dog fouling with her young children recently walking dog mess into the house and ruining the carpets. She also told me about the trouble caused after her child’s pushchair got caught up in dog mess.”

Andrew Muir detailed that following receipt of the lady’s concerns he has contacted North Down Borough Council who have assured him that Council staff will attempt to clean up the pavements in the Windmill Road, Ashley Drive area. Mr Muir also remarked that Council Enforcement Officers will continue to patrol the area and anyone found guilty of leaving dog waste on the pavements will be liable to a £50 fixed penalty fine.

Commenting on the lack of dog waste bins, Andrew stated “I have also received representations from residents in the Groomsport Road area, calling for the Council to install a dog waste bin at the Groomsport Road Roundabout. The residents in question have informed me that many people walk their dogs between Ballyholme and Groomsport via the Bangor Road and have no safe place to dispose of their dog waste between Groomsport Harbour and Ballyholme Beach”.

Continuing, Andrew stated “In light of the information received from the residents in the Groomsport Road area I call upon North Down Borough Council to consider installing a dog waste bin at the Groomsport Road Roundabout. The installation of this bin will help reduce the amount of dog fouling in Ballyholme, creating a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone”.

Concluding, Andrew remarked “From my experience the vast majority of dog owners are responsible dog lovers who would never dream of leaving dog waste on the pavement. Provision of additional dog waste bins will hopefully service their needs whilst patrols by Council Enforcement Officers will help tackle the very small number of dog owners who refuse to clean up after their dog.”

4 January 2010