Traffic chaos in Bangor

Road works are currently taking place across Bangor. Today, Tuesday 23 March 2010, the Bryansburn Road is closed due to road works. The Rathgael Road is also closed due to road works, the road through Crawfordsburn village is partially closed and off-peak road closures are in place on Bloomfield Road South.

We now have so many diversion signs across Bangor that I am afraid of following them and being stuck in a loop.

I find it incredible that these road closures have all been organised at the same time, causing significant inconvenience for people living and working in Bangor with long traffic tail-backs across the Town. This lack of co-ordination is a disgrace. The impact of the road works is currently categorised by the Roads Service as “Moderate”.   If long tail-backs stretching out of Bangor towards Ballyrobert are “Moderate”, what then is “Severe”?

Could it be that some of the road works are taking place, not when the volume of traffic is at its lowest, but rather to ensure money is spent before the end of the Financial Year?

I understand the work taking place on the Rathgael Road is being undertaken by the Roads Service, while work on the Bryansburn Road, which has necessitated a road closure, is the responsibility of NI Water. 

Surely the Roads Service, which has overall control, could have organised some co-ordination between both public bodies to ensure the road works didn’t take place at the same time?

Regardless as to why the situation has occurred, an apology is due from the Roads Service and a commitment that a similar situation will never be allowed to happen again.

23 March 2010