X Factor Era

The last Leaders Debate will occur tonight involving Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

Whilst the election isn’t yet over it is apparent that the Leaders Debates have had a significant impact on the election. 

Twenty four hour coverage of the election via the internet and news channels such as Sky News are feeding the appetite of the electorate who increasingly want to be able to easily review the options available with the minimum amount of superfluous information.

The electorate are able to generate content and influence discussions using new media such as Twitter and Facebook rather than merely being fed information from politicians. Voters can now increasingly shape and influence matters themselves. 

We are now living in what I define as the ‘X Factor Era’ where the people are now increasingly empowered. The arrival of the Leaders Debates is, I believe, a welcome development which is helping to reconnect people with politics. Much more work is however required to reconnect people and politics.  General Election turnout levels will help define the scale of the challenge ahead.

29 April 2010