Election Reflections

The General Election Campaign is now over. The votes have been counted and candidates have been elected across Northern Ireland and rest of the UK.

Whilst we take time to recharge our batteries following an energetic, positive and successful election campaign it is important we take time to reflect upon the election results.

As the Alliance Party candidate in Newry and Armagh I can proudly report that we nearly doubled the Alliance vote with 545 people voting for The Alliance Party compared to 274 when the Alliance Party last contested an election in the area (2007 Assembly Election). 

Across Northern Ireland many more people expressed their support for Alliance with strong performances in many constituencies. Our continued electoral success proves that more and more people want to move away from the old politics of orange and green and are keen to elect Alliance representatives dedicated to delivering a Shared Future.

Since the Alliance Party was formed in 1970 we have always aspired to be able to represent Northern Ireland’s interests at Westminister. In the early hours of Friday 7 May 2010 I was one of the few people at Ards Leisure Centre to witness history in the making.

Following years of hard work and an amazing election campaign Naomi Long was elected the Alliance MP for East Belfast. The Alliance Party is now represented at all levels of government, whether it be at Westminister, at the Executive with David Ford MLA as Justice Minister, at the NI Assembly or local Councils. The Alliance Party now has representatives everywhere working hard to deliver a real change for you.

After our election successes the battle for deliver a Shared Future continues apace. The Party will work hard over the next year to ensure continued success with Assembly and Council elections due to take place in May 2011.

The Alliance Party continues its onward quest to build a new Northern Ireland based upon a Shared Society where everyone is enabled to reach their best potential regardless of their background or status. 

10 May 2010