First Council Meeting

Following my appointment as a Councillor on North Down Borough Council on 8 July 2010 I attended my first Council meeting tonight at the Town Hall, Bangor.

I was given an extremely warm welcome by all Aldermen, Councillors and Officers and was impressed by the spirit of co-operation that prevailed throughout the meeting.

After being welcomed by The Mayor Councillor John Montgomery I had the opportunity to make a few remarks.

I thanked Mr Mayor for such a warm welcome and paid tribute to my predecessor Dr David Alderice who I have the utmost respect for as someone with strong track record of public service.

I stated that I look forward to working in partnership with all members and Council officers and, later in the meeting, stated that I will genuinely appreciate any advice and tips members and officers may wish to offer.

In closing I recalled my School Motto. Lex Dei in Corde Meo is the motto of St Columbanus' College. I stated that it would guide me over the next few months, and hopefully years, as a Councillor.

For readers who are unaware, as a pupil of St Columbanus' College l was told my School Motto translates as "God's Law in my Heart" meaning;

"love one another as I have loved you" as per New Testament

Respect for others

Respect for yourself

Always do your best

Do what is right, not what is easy

Do nothing which causes hurt to other people

These principals will guide me as a Councillor

27 July 2010