Survey illustrates need for new politics

The Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey for 2009 has recently been published and includes many interesting facts and figures.

Within the survey a number of questions were asked in relation to politics. The overwhelming message is that we urgently need more politicians to show leadership and deliver a new type of politics which inspires and delivers for the people.

The survey proves that people are now less concerned about old tribal politics with 43% considering themselves neither Unionist or Nationalist. 

As the recent election proved, with a substantial increase the number of people voting for the Alliance Party, more and more people are prioritising a Shared Future and bread and butter issues over the old constitutional question. 

Firm evidence is also provided by the survey that politicians need to make devolution work with 71% of people feeling that the Northern Ireland Assembly has achieved little or nothing at all. Alliance is now working hard following the recent appointment of David Ford as Justice Minister to ensure that devolution works, reshaping our Justice system to build a safer Northern Ireland, with lower levels of crime plus safer, shared communities and justice for all.

As was proven by the election of Naomi Long, Alliance MP for East Belfast, the people want delivery and a new Shared Future rather than the old dysfunctional tribal politics. 

With 53% of people fairly or very dissatisfied with the way Northern Ireland MLAs are doing their job it's clear that politicians need to abandon tribal politics, end their petty squabbles and make devolution and politics work in the interests of everyone.

Following my recent selection as Councillor on North Down Borough Council for Holywood area I am eager to start delivering a new type of politics which inspires, empowers and delivers. I look forward to serving all the people of Holywood with integrity, listening to and articulating their concerns whilst delivering my vision with a sense of leadership.

Whilst as a amateur athlete I may be adapt at running I don’t intend to run away from the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. Now is the time to build a new Shared Future with sustainable knowledge based economic growth, protecting and enhancing the environment with safe, healthy and creative communities.

I realise I have a tough challenge ahead of me with trust in politicians very low - 85% of people questioned in the Life & Time Survey stated they don't trust politicians very much or not at all. I am however determined to work hard to rebuild the electorates trust in politics, re-engaging with the disengaged and proving the politics can make a difference. Following the election of Naomi Long as MP for East Belfast it's clear that change is possible. 

If you want to work with me to build a new Shared Future for all please contact me, telephone 07813 945411 click www.andrewmuir.net or email mail@andrewmuir.net Together we can deliver real change that works for you.

15 July 2010