Muir reports progress in his campaign against Kinnegar Sewage Smell

I can report significant progress in my campaign against the sewage smell which has been emanating from the area surrounding Kinnegar Waste Water Treatment Works, Holywood.

I have been campaigning for an end to the pong since early 2010 when I used Environmental legislation to reveal that over 70 odour emission incidents took place at Kinnegar Sewage Plant during 2009.

I recently met again with Senior NI Water officials to obtain an update on their efforts to deal with the smell which has been particularly bad over the last few months. Whilst people living, working or travelling near the Sewage Plant have had to endure the pong for far too long I was glad to hear that, as a result of my successful campaign, NI Water are spending approximately £100,000 surveying the entire sewage network across Holywood.

NI Water have been using CCTV and visual inspections to survey sewage pipes across Holywood in an effort to find the source of the problem. Staff have been working from 6am on some days hunting across Holywood for problems. The survey results will soon be fed into a computer model which will aid the completion of a report outlining causes and possible solutions. I am particularly grateful to NI Water for their efforts when public sector finances are tight.

I am informed that this report should be ready in October 2010 when I will next meet NI Water to discuss the work to be undertaken to ensure we don’t have another smelly summer in 2011.

Whilst NI Water are carrying out their investigations I am keen to establish whether pollution has occurred in nearby area as a result of the ongoing problems. I have therefore been in contact with the NI Environment Agency to establish if any they are aware of any pollution taking place in the vicinity of Kinnegar Waste Water Treatment and await their reply.

During my meeting I also received a valuable update concerning the Drainage Area Survey being undertaken in Bangor to combat the risk of flooding and pollution when heavy rainfall is experienced. I look forward to hearing about the future work planned across Bangor once the survey is completed which will ensure North Down remains a great place to live, work or visit.

15 August 2010