Time for DCAL to blow the whistle on IFA

The Minister for Sport Nelson McCausland MLA today spoke about the latest problems being experienced by the Irish Football Association remarking "If it wasn't so ridiculous, it would at times be funny, but it is not." I don't often agree with Nelson but on this occasion I fully agree with him. I do not however agree with his decision to withhold funding to GAA and Rugby until IFA problems are resolved. As a Northern Ireland supporter I stand on the sidelines as spectator and don't find the problems a laughing matter.

For the last few years the IFA have been beset by problems, often overseen by strong personalities who seem to have become detached from reality and the need to adhere to good governance protocols.

The IFA are meant to be supporting Soccer, encouraging people to participate in the sport and developing world class players rather than squandering money and bickering endlessly.

My previous experience in relation to businesses which encounter similar problems is that the best medicine that can be administered is allowing the patient to die and then creating a new body based upon sound principles and good governance.

Rather than pandering to the current personalities involved and trying to reform the organisation the Department for Culture Arts and Leisure should blow the whistle, end the game and facilitate start up of a new organisation.