Trip to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Just back from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a great trip and a much needed break. 

We flew with Aer Lingus from Dublin to Dubrovnik and stayed at Hotel Lapad, Dubrovnik. I highly recommend the trip.

Good points

  • Old City - amazing, tons to see. City Walls are great, loads of great Churches
  • Trip to Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Customer Service
  • Hotel Lapad 
  • Hotel Kazbek where we ate a few times. Great food and excellent service 
  • Bus service between Lapad and old Town

Bad points

  • Weather in Ireland when we returned - wet, windy and miserable!
  • Food in old City generally poor and over priced, food outside old City much better quality and value for money 
  • Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art Giacometti exhibition consisted of two sculptures, very disappointing
  • Old City packed when cruise ships regularly arrive 
  • Airport new and modern but too small with no newsagent etc.

Keen to come back and explore more of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina