Creative industries demonstrating great innovation

Earlier today I visited Eddie Doherty, Contemporary Goldsmith based at The Old School, Church Road, Holywood.

Eddie has established a great business serving customers from as far afield as London. By producing unique hand made jewellery and other beautiful items Eddie has established a great business which continues to grow, primarily through word of mouth.

With some support from the Arts Council of NI and Craft NI he now uses the office space attached to the Old School in Holywood which was fantastically equipped with bespoke furniture supplied by ‘Design Onion’.

Eddie has taken calculated risks by establishing his business and developing such a unique business model but it has paid dividends and I am very proud to have such an enterprise within North Down.

Over the next few weeks when government is looking to cut public spending it is vital that the case is made for the arts and creative industries. Big socio economic benefits are derived from the arts and the creative industries sector who are leading the way in terms of innovation, the lifeblood of any successful economy.

Rather than slashing funding and support government should be learning from people such as Eddie – creativity, innovation and calculated risk taking is exactly what the public sector badly needs!

Eddie can be contacted via eddiejdoherty@yahoo.co.uk or Tel 07791 619078 and opens by appointment only. More details at http://craftni.org/directory/maker/eddie-doherty/

More details concerning Design Onion can be found at www.designonion.net Tel 07955 692608 Email info@designonion.net