The Dunville Family and Remembrance Sunday in Holywood

I attended the Remembrance Sunday in Holywood today for the first time as a Councillor. It was a moving ceremony attended by many people.

After the Mayor laid a Wreath the "Dunville Wreath" was laid by one of the Councillors from the Holywood area.

Whilst I am aware that the Dunville family and Holywood are closely linked and Redburn Country Park contains many interesting sights linking us back to the Dunville Era I conducted some research today about the Wreath.

The history behind the Dunville Wreath is very interesting. It is laid after a request was left by John Dunville's widow Violet that a wreath is left each Armistice Day in memory of her son, John Spencer Dunville, V.C.

More information about the Dunville Wreath and the strong association between Holywood and the Dunville family can be found at http://www.dumville.org/whiskey.html