Time government learnt lessons from businesses

Whilst the economic downturn is making life tough for many businesses across North Down many rays of hope can be found between the dark and gloomy clouds that have hung over Northern Ireland for far too long.

As a local Councillor I regularly encounter business people who are setting up new enterprises and expanding their current operations. When times are tough I applaud these business men and women for the courage shown.

Businesses across North Down are showing amazing innovation and willingness to take calculated risks which are paying dividends in terms of economic growth, job creation and a positive “can do” spirit.

Whilst some parties shy away from risky decisions, allow billions to be wasted and refuse to implement smart and shared solutions in government businesses are battling on regardless.

With The Little Wing Pizzeria, Frisky Bear and Rabbit Rooms now trading successfully it's apparent that business people in North Down are fit and lean animals, devouring opportunities and enjoying the taste of success.

It's about time politicians and government learnt a few lessons from businesses, stopped wasting billions due to the costs of division and indecision and built a new Northern Ireland. Citizens and businesses should be enabled and supported to realise the many fantastic opportunities that exist by a new form of government which puts smart, shared solutions over separation and small minded disputes.

This article appeared in The Newsletter and The County Down Spectator.