Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bin collections update

As the weather has prevented grey bin collections being made in North Down to date this week - and the situation is likely to continue - it has been decided that instead of collecting blue bins next week, grey bins will be collected from
27-31 December.  This will of course depend on improved weather conditions.

The collection schedule will revert to normal from 3 January, which will be a grey bin week.  Blue bins will not now be collected until week commencing 10 January 2010.


Anonymous said...

NDBC need to realise that functioning is a hugh priority. It is totally unacceptable that there is no refuge collection or local amenity available. 8 bin bags of rubbish and two un-emptied wheely bins. What are we supposed to do with our rubbish. Poor poor effort from NDBC.

Myra Zepf said...

It is beyond belief that while the bins aren't collected, the civic amenity is also closed. and this over the christmas period. Can someone explain to me please why the dump can't be treated so that we can even dispose of our own rubbish?

Anonymous said...

Simply not good enough. If we have to dump our own rubbish the civic amenity should at least be open. It's not as if we're not paying enough rates!!!

Neil McCoy said...

Holywood civic amenity should be treated so that the public can use it, it is such as small site - it is embarrassing that the council staff can not do it. I know of private companies that would sort it out for a few hundred pounds.

Andrew Muir said...

Thanks for the comments, really appreciated.

Street collections are not possible since Bin lorries are 20 tonne vehicles that cannot safely negotiate road conditions such as those we are currently experiencing.

I am however following up requests for Holywood Civic Amenity Site to be re-opened and have forwarded your comments to the Council Chief Executive and Director of Director of Amenities and Technical Services/Deputy Chief Executive.

Will update you once I receive a response to my request for Holywood Civic Amenity Site to be re-opened asap.

I have also asked if householders will be allowed to leave out black bin bags of rubbish along with their grey bin when it is next collected.

Andrew Muir said...

As per blog posting Holywood Civic Amenity Site has reopened I am informed by North Down Borough Council Chief Exec that Bin Bags will be collected with Grey Bins when weather improves and collections resume More details about refuse arrangements at www.northdown.gov.uk

Andrew Muir said...

Council are hoping to pick up the Grey bins tomorrow on the regular Thursday route so please put your bins out incase they get round your area More details at www.northdown.gov.uk