West Green Flats in Holywood update

Earlier this month I expressed my concern after I learnt that demolition of West Green flats, Holywood has been delayed - see Alliance Party Press Release

Alliance MLA for North Down Dr Stephen Farry recently received a response concerning the ongoing problem.

I welcome news that demolition will take place before March 2011. Albeit delayed the response from Alex Attwood (Social Development Minister) is encouraging. West Green flats will hopefully be removed within the next few weeks. Once demolition has taken place the focus must then be on ensuring the new homes are built without delay.

Assembly question and response below;

West Green Flats in Holywood

Dr S Farry asked the Minister for Social Development to outline the timescale for the demolition of West Green Flats in Holywood.
(AQW 3197/11)
Minister for Social Development: Two blocks of flats alongside other adjacent properties in West Green Holywood have been earmarked for demolition to make way for a new housing development in the area.

The demolition will take place in two phases: the first phase involving the flats and the second involving the adjacent properties.

Services have been disconnected from the flats at West Green and plans are already being developed to effect their demolition before March next year.

Residents from the adjacent properties comprising the second phase of demolition are still being re-housed. Once that has been completed, those properties will also be demolished but the timing of that will of course be entirely dependant on how quickly suitable alternative accommodation can be found for those residents who have to relocate.