Feral cats problem at Redburn

Cats Protection will be in Firmount area of Redburn, Holywood from Thursday 10th March to help control the population of feral cats through the trap neuter and return programme.

I have been informed that many feral cats are now roaming in this area and am advised by Cats Protection that neutering is the only humane method in ensuring these numbers don’t grow even further.

This initiative won't cure the problem but will hopefully reduce the impact of the feral cats. As a local Councillor I felt it important to let people know about the initiative.

Residents in the area are asked to help Cats Protection by not feeding any cats other than their own in the next few weeks and if possible keep their cats in or ensure they wear a collar in case they enter a trap out of curiosity

This will help Cats Protection catch the correct cats and focus solely on the feral cats which need neutering.

Once neutered the cats will be returned to the Holywood hills near Firmount where they have lived for many years.

Working together with other interested people and bodies I will try and ensure some follow up after the trapping initiative to discuss and agree how to address the wider issue of feral cats in the long term.