Muir calls for action to sort shambolic Downshire Road

It's about time the Roads Service took immediate action to finish road works on Downshire Road. Work started to resurface the road and pavements along Downshire Road, Holywood many weeks ago but the area remains a mess with a local resident recently falling into an exposed hole.

Work to resurface the road commenced many weeks ago but is still continuing with piles of rubble randomly located along the road, pavements uneven and road markings missing. 

Contractors seem to have adopted a very sloppy approach with no efforts made to move a car blocking the road when it was resurfaced. Rather than getting it lifted the new tarmac was laid around it!

I have now contacted the Roads Service requesting immediate action to remove any hazards for pedestrians and a full update concerning when the work will be properly completed. 

People are fed up with the shambolic mess and want action to finish the work without any further delay.