Muir urges action to repair busy Holywood Road

I welcome news that the Roads Service are actively considering resurfacing Demense Road, Holywood. I have been lobbying the Roads Service to take action after receiving many complaints from local residents concerning the state of the road.

Following the recent cold spell the Demense Road has a lunar like surface. Pot holes are common place with tarmac falling apart and cars often swerving to avoid the pot holes.

After contacting the Roads Service I have been informed that surface defects have been noted and repairs will be carried out in the next few weeks. The carriageway resurfacing programme for 2011/12 is currently being prepared and consideration is being given to including Demense Road within this programme.

Whilst I welcome news that serious surface defects will soon be fixed, I call upon the Roads Service to include resurfacing Demense Road within their plans. 

People living, working or visiting Holywood should no longer have to travel across such poor road surface which is heavily used on a daily basis."