Muir welcomes Coastal Path upgrades

I welcome plans by North Down Borough Council to undertake further upgrades to the North Down Coastal Path. The path extends from Holywood in the west to Orlock in the east and incorporates many interesting features including Grey Point Fort and Crawfordsburn Country Park.

I welcome the planned investment which will involve Council spending an additional £1,500 to enable the realignment and upgrade of the Rockport section of the path via land acquisition from Rockport School. 

This will hopefully make this stretch much more accessible and follows on from upgrades undertaken over the last few years towards Holywood and from Bangor to Crawfordsburn Country Park.

These upgrades now mean that most of the path meets Sustrans standards. Many parts of the path can now safely accommodate pedestrians and cyclists thereby delivering a more attractive, healthier and Bicycle friendly Borough. 

I hope the path will be fully upgraded in the next few years and will continue to press for the last few more difficult sections to be brought up to the necessary standards.