Pollution in Twisel Burn River, Holywood

Pollution in Twisel Burn River

I condemn pollution of Twisel Burn River which occurred on Saturday (12 March 2011). The pollution incident involved chemicals being released which then resulted in a disgusting foam downstream near Holywood town centre.

A local resident living off Victoria Road , Holywood contacted me on Saturday supplying photos of the disgraceful pollution which occurred along this scenic river which runs under the well known Twisel Bridge , known locally as the Kissing Bridge.

I have reported the matter to the NI Environment Agency Pollution Hotline and have been informed by the Investigating Officer that work is ongoing to identify the cause and to prevent it happening again.

I have since been informed by other local residents that the pollution has previously occurred on weekends, with Sunday a popular day for the chemicals to be released into this scenic river. 

I condemn the culprits outright and hope government will be able to identify the offenders and take strong action to prevent further re-occurrences. 

Anyone who spots similar pollution should ring the Pollution Hotline without delay by telephoning Freephone 0800 80 70 60.