Muir welcomes more planned Road Improvements in Holywood

I welcome plans to resurface Brook Street, Holywood after recently lobbying the Roads Service to take action and succeeding in persuading the Roads body to resurface Demense Road, Holywood.

Brook Street is currently in a terrible state of disrepair after the cold winter experienced in late 2010 with numerous pot holes posing a threat to motorists and cyclists alike. After lobbying the Roads Service for action I am very  grateful to learn that Brook Street has been added to the resurfacing programme for 2011 / 2012.

I will continue to monitor the situation and endeavour to ensure Brook Street is resurfaced as planned from Monday 23 May to Friday 3 June 2011, delivering upon my commitment to Lead Change across Holywood whether it be via securing resurfacing of Demense Road or improving cycle routes, Alliance delivers.