Muir working to achieve Best Kept Town status for Holywood

Dennis Ogborn MBE and Cllr Andrew Muir
supporting Best Kept Town Status 
I am seeking to improve Holywood's chances of obtaining the Best Kept Town Status by tackling eyesores across Holywood.

If we are to achieve the Best Kept Town status again it's important that we have a tidy town with litter and eyesores removed. I have therefore focused my efforts over the last few months on a number of issues such as Moffet’s, Gray's Lane, Stewart's Place, Patton's Lane and Twisel Bridge.

Moffet's, the derelict building and former Butchers previously located on Downshire Road, has now thankfully been removed whilst concerted action has resulted in a tidier Gray's Lane. Working alongside veteran campaigner Dennis Ogborn MBE we recently managed to recover over 80 milk crates which had been dumped in Gray's Lane and were fast becoming an awful eye sore.

No 1 Stewart’s Place, a listed building located near The Priory, has also recently been tidied up with external vegetation and the advertising banner removed as a result of concerted lobbying by a local activist and I. Whilst much more work is required to save 1 Stewart’s Place this is a welcome start.

After lots of lobbying I can also report progress at Patton's Lane with vacant units now secured and sale of the site on the horizon. I am particularly grateful that the old taxi office has been made secure since it was often a magnet for anti social behaviour.

News that the derelict building’s on Patton’s Lane and Church View may soon be demolished and replaced with a new development is to be welcomed with Planning Permission already in place for 23 Apartments.
I have also been working hard to tidy up Twisel Bridge. After protracted discussions I have managed to establish who is responsible for the upkeep of the area and am relentlessly pressurising the relevant bodies to tidy up the path and the bridge, known locally as the Kissing Bridge.

It is my hope that these combined efforts will help improve Holywood’s chances of regaining the Best Kept Town status it rightly deserves.