Muir condemns fly posting for new nightclub

I condemn the appearance of stickers and posters on lampposts across North Down seeking to advertise a new Night Club. The stickers and posters are a disgrace and I am lobbying the local Council to take action and tackle the problem.

Lampposts across Bangor, Holywood and beyond recently were defaced when stickers and then posters were attached with the message "Bangor Likes This", seeking, it seems, to build interest in a new nightclub which may be opening in Bangor. Many people have contacted me about the issue, some via Facebook and Twitter, requesting action, clearly stating that “Bangor doesn’t like this.

I have contacted relevant Council officers and understand that all available avenues are being explored to get the stickers and posters removed. Anyone with information concerning individuals or company responsible for erection of the stickers and posters should pass this onto the Council in order to help them take action.

Whilst most companies use billboards andspapers to advertise, I find it disgraceful that some businesses feels that it acceptable to place adhesive stickers on public property that prove hard to remove. I urge those involved to urgently remove such stickers and posters.