Muir urges action to sort Town Centre parking problems

I urge the Roads Minister to end the delays and broken promises and start tackling the Town Centre parking problems many residents across North Down continue to endure.

I am making this call following receipt of an official response from the Roads Service detailing that Residents Parking arrangements haven't been finalised nor trialled despite an announcement by the previous Roads Minister in 2008 heralding "Free Residents Parking Schemes for Belfast.

I am regularly contacted by local people in Holywood and Bangor Town Centre's who are unable to park near their home with many spending each evening searching for a space. With Residents Parking schemes promised back in 2008 people are now fed up and want action.

After contacting the Roads Service I have been informed to my dismay that arrangements for Residents Parking schemes have still not been finalised. The Proposed Parking Permit is still currently £80, a fee which many people will resent paying merely to give them the right to park outside their home!

Whilst I have been assured that Holywood may be considered if or when the pilot schemes are concluded this is meaningless. The Minister must take control of this issue and push forward progress. People are fed up with being fobbed off with excuses and delays, action is required not more warm words.