Muir comments on plan to dim street lights

Conscious that Local Authorities in Great Britain have started switching off street lights at night to save money I was keen to ascertain if the Roads Service also intend to flick the switch. 

I therefore raised a question at a recent Council meeting seeking to ascertain if they plan to copy their counterparts across the water and was informed that no plans exist to flick the switch in Northern Ireland.

I am glad that street lights will continue to shine at night with smart solutions to be pursued instead such as dimming the lights at dusk and dawn. Keeping areas well lit at night reduces the risk of accidents, helps cut crime and the fear of crime.

Smart solutions such as dimming lights at dusk and dawn when full beam isn’t necessary makes sense but leaving neighbourhoods in darkness could result in a crime wave. With burglaries on the rise we need to ensure nothing is done which makes it easier for criminals to operate such burglars.