Alliance Councillors urge investment in Holywood schools

Cllr Muir meeting Priory Integrated College
Student Council 15 December 2010
My Council colleague Larry Thompson and I have called upon the Department of Education to fund the new school building projects within Holywood. We have made the call following news that monies have become free as a result of recent developments such as recent development regarding the A5 road upgrade and news that the Education Minister has found an extra £40m.

Cllr Thompson stated: “Whilst some new school build projects are not ready to proceed, the new schools initiative in Holywood has received all the necessary approvals and just needs the commitment and cash to proceed.  Priory Integrated College urgently needs a new building to replace their current crumbling structure.

“Holywood and Redburn Primaries are desperately seeking a new site where they can collaborate together. Holywood Nursery has been waiting far too long to move across the road to a new home where Holywood Primary currently resides.”

The need for this type of investment has already been clearly established with, for example, Priory Integrated College oversubscribed but having to remain in substandard premises which urgently need replaced. If funded and given the green light, this scheme will allow Holywood to showcase the Education Minister’s own aspirations and allow young people across Holywood and beyond to enjoy top class teaching facilities equipping them for the future.

I have written to the Education Minister John O’Dowd MLA seeking funding and await his reply. We have waited far too long for the investment, the time has now arrived for the education authorities to deliver.