Thursday, 22 December 2011

Muir welcomes imaginative approach on confiscated counterfeit goods

I welcome the approach adopted by the Trading Standards service in Northern Ireland to donate counterfeit goods to charity for redistribution to homeless and vulnerable people.

I recently sent an inquisitive query to Trading Standards seeking to ascertain what they do with all the fake and illegitimate goods they regularly confiscate. In response I was delighted to learn that a scheme is now in place where counterfeit goods such as clothing, footwear, food and nappies are given to charities via a designated organisation.

With counterfeit goods seemingly increasing and one market in England recently closed because more fake goods were being sold than legitimate products I welcome this imaginative approach which ensures those in need benefit from the goods rather than those who produce the dodgy items. 

Other public bodies who are in possession of confiscated goods and unclaimed lost property should explore similar opportunities to ensure that those in need benefit from the goods especially during the Christmas season of goodwill, when we should be focused on helping people pushed to the margins of society.