Alliance supports 'Choose Charity Shops' week

North Down Alliance Councillors Anne Wilson and Larry Thompson lent their support last week to 'Choose Charity Shops' week which ran until Monday 21 May 2012. 

The Alliance representatives are encouraging local people to drop off unused and second hand items directly to local charity shops and for people to check out the range of Charity Shops in Bangor and Holywood.

Commenting on the issue, Alderman Anne Wilson stated “As someone who has previously worked in a Charity Shop and regularly visits such shops I am keen to ensure they continue to receive donations and a steady stream of customers. Charity Shops provide a low cost, low carbon option for customers with income helping to support many good causes.

Recent research found that three quarters of people have unwanted clothing in their wardrobes that they no longer use*. I therefore urge people to have a hunt in their wardrobes and drop off unwanted or second hand goods to their local charity shop. By donating items directly to Charity Shops consumers can be assured that any profit is going directly to good causes rather than potentially to some commercial companies who collect items from your doorstep or textile banks.”
Holywood Alliance Councillor Larry Thompson also remarked “With the current economic downturn still on-going Charity Shops are experiencing an increase in demand as a popular low cost destination for shoppers seeking something unique.  More donations would therefore be extremely useful to help meet customer needs. To find out what Charity Shops you have in your area visit www.choosecharityshops.org 

By Donating Direct you can assured that you are doing your bit to support their good work whilst also choosing the environmentally friendly way by recycling”

*Source: JRA Consumer Research