Muir urges Parking Tickets re-think

I am calling upon the Regional Development Minister to re-think recently announced plans to raise Parking Tickets to £90 and adopt a more flexible approach concerning issuing of Parking of Tickets after discovering that more tickets have been issued in Holywood than larger towns such as Carrickfergus, Antrim and Larne.

From the statistics it seems that Holywood is either a hot spot for bad parking or being targeted by overzealous authorities. Whilst bad parking can snarl up traffic in the Town, eagerly issuing tickets like confetti can deter people from visiting the town and should be avoided.

The Detail web site has revealed that during 2011 1691 Parking Tickets were issued in Holywood, compared to 1547 tickets in Carrickfergus, 1297 tickets in Antrim and 1374 tickets in Larne.

Raising the price of a Parking Ticket from £60 to £90 will, I fear, deter motorists from Holywood. Topping up Roads Service coffers shouldn’t come at the expense of local businesses. A £90 fine for staying in a Car Park space at High Street a few minutes after the One Hour limit is rather draconian.

I urge the Minister to re-think his plans to hike fines and encourage the Roads Service to adopt a more flexible approach concerning issuing of Parking Tickets in Holywood. With some discretion and a more reasonable approach people will hopefully feel more comfortable to visit the Town by car.