Muir disappointed Holywood Police Station Opening Hours to be slashed

I am disappointed that the Police intend to slash Holywood Police Station Enquiry Office opening hours. The new arrangement, which is currently being consulted upon, will come into effect from end of June and will reduce Enquiry Office Opening Hours from 8am to 8pm seven days a week to 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

I am extremely disappointed the Police have decided to reduce Enquiry Office Opening Hours so soon after the station was saved from closure. Anyone wishing to present documents or call to the station in person to see an officer in the evening or at weekends will now have to travel to Bangor or beyond.

Whilst I am satisfied that the Station will remain operational after facing the threat of closure cutting Enquiry Office Opening Hours will inconvenience the public and increase the fear of crime. I therefore urge the Police to reconsider their plans and engage in a much more meaningful consultation rather than pretending to listen to views on what seems to be a done deal.