Alliance Leads Change for more locally grown food

Alliance North Down Councillors have planted the seeds for more locally grown food in the area, with Cllr Harbinson and I jointly persuading the Council to assess current options and costs for increasing allotments within the Borough.

We have also called on the Council to consider other Big Society Community alternatives, if the cost of increasing allotments within the Borough proves too great.

Speaking after the ratification of the proposal to examine allotment provision, Councillor Adam Harbinson said: "I welcome the Council's decision to explore the possibility of increased allotment provision and look forward to working with my Council colleagues as we move forward on this issue.

"The Alliance Party is a long time campaigner of community food initiatives, which can help cut household budgets and are good for the health and our communities. There is a broad consensus that growing your own vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers is a therapeutic activity, good for the environment and our economy.

"The benefits of allotments and other initiatives promoting locally grown food can already be seen in Kilcooley, where produce is being distributed to needy families in the area."

We look forward to receiving the Officer's report and, conscious of the need to keep any rates rises to a minimum in the current economic climate, also call on the Council to explore other Big Society alternatives, such as the fantastic Growing Connections initiative currently being delivered near Six Road Ends and the Community Orchard idea being championed by Holywood Transition Town.