Muir delivers cycle rack at Sainsbury's Bangor

Cllr Andrew Muir and Sainsbury’s
Bangor Manager John Lockhart
with new Cycle Rack
I am encouraging people to use the new cycle rack at Sainsbury’s Bangor after I successfully lobbied for installation of the rack.

Following opening of the store late last year I was contacted by cyclists keen to have somewhere secure to leave their bike when shopping in the new Sainsbury’s store.

After contacting Sainsbury’s and following up the issue with Headquarters and Store Management I am delighted that the landlord has now provided a cycle rack outside the store.

With a rack now in place I would encourage anyone wishing to pick up a few items to ‘Try something new today’ and consider cycling which is quick, environmentally friendly and good for your health.

After securing this rack I am determined to keep working to build a Bicycle friendly Borough and would encourge readers to support the campaign at www.facebook.com/bicyclefriendlyborough