Muir thanks Council for Holocaust Memorial Events

Cllr Muir and artist Leslie Nicholl
I am very thankful to the officers at North Down Borough Council for organising a series of events to Commemorate to the Holocaust including a strong art exhibition by artist Leslie Nicholl after I proposed the initiative last year. (details at North Down Council speaks out about The Holocaust)

I previously brought a motion to the Council detailing “That this Council recognises that the Holocaust was unprecedented in its character and horror, will always hold universal meaning, must never be forgotten and In order to ensure current and future generations understand the causes of the Holocaust and reflect upon its consequences, request that officers bring back a report on the possibility of arranging a small series of events in North Down surrounding Holocaust Memorial Day 2013.”  It was passed unanimously.

Some of exhibition images
I am extremely grateful to all the Council officers involved in delivering the events plus the artist Leslie Nicholl. Leslie Nicholl’s exhibition entitled 'Gedanken sind Frei'/'Thoughts are Free' (Hans Litten) is currently in the North Down Museum from 21 January - 25 February 2013.

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Holocaust Survivor Helen Lewis with title from a poem by Hans Litten, a German Barrister who challenged Hitler in the courts and died in a Concentration camp after being tortured.

Dedicating the title to a poem by Hans Litten is very significant highlighting why it’s important lawyers should be able to practice freely and why democracy and freedom of political thought is so important.

Other events organised included a talk and visit to the Belfast Synagogue which was extremely interesting whilst saddening to hear about declining membership.

Martin Luther King once stated “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. Leslie Nicholl’s exhibition isn’t silent, it speaks volumes with a strong and loud message. I urge readers to visit the exhibition which features images of Holocaust victims.

Holocaust Memorial Day theme in 2013 is “Building Bridges”. I urge people to experience the exhibition and consider how they can build bridges themselves to challenge prejudice and ensure horrors of Holocaust never happen again,

More details on Leslie Nicholl’s exhibition can be found at http://www.northdownmuseum.com/What-s-On/World-Holocause-Memorial-Day-Exhibition-Gedanken-s