Muir continues campaign to end Kinnegar sewage problem

Cllr Muir at Kinnegar Lagoons
I am continuing my campaign to end the sewage pollution problem in the Kinnegar area with NI Water now confirming that agreed £3m solution will proceed. Interim action to reduce the awful smell is also on the horizon.

With many people still rightly concerned about on-going pollution problem in the Kinnegar area I am determined to relentlessly continue my campaign to bring an end to the awful sewage smell and ensure that all the environmental damage that has occurred is rectified. Wildlife visiting the Kinnegar Lagoons and reed beds should no longer have to wave through gallons of stagnant sewage.

Recent correspondence with NI Water indicates that £3m plan to resolve the problem is being progressed with construction work expected to commence on site later this year. Interim action to deal with recent upsurge in unpleasant odours is also being pursued with NI Water reporting:

‘We have detected strong odours emanating from the pipeline that drains the Lagoons particularly at low tide. There is a possibility of sewage related debris in this pipeline is coming into contact salt water generating unpleasant gases. An NI Water official has been in consultation with contractors to arrange a CCTV inspection of pipeline to determine presence of debris and test the hypothesis. This is planned for next week. If we find debris we will arrange de-silting to remove debris and re-test for presence of gas.’

I look forward to witnessing impact of interim action and have asked my colleagues at NI Assembly lobby the Regional Development Minister and ascertain definite timelines when the £3m scheme will start and finish.