Muir welcomes Development Proposal for Priory Integrated College

Cllr Muir at Priory Integrated College
with Student Council members
I welcome the Development Proposal issued by local Education Board which will allow more pupils to attend Priory Integrated College.

By allowing Priory Integrated College to enrol up to 600 pupils Priory will be able meet local demand for Integrated Education and pave the way for a much needed new school building.

The proposal to allow increased intake is warmly welcomed and crucial to provide the school with a sustainable future.

With 66% of all people questioned in a recent survey stating that integrated schools should be the main model of our education system I am glad South Eastern Education and Library Board plan to allow Priory Integrated College to grow. The next step must be a new school building to allow all pupils to learn in a quality fit for purpose environment.

I urge everyone keen to secure a sustainable future for Priory to respond to the consultation by writing to Mr S Martin at SEELB, Grahamsbridge Road, Dundonald, BT16 2HS by 14 March 2013.