Muir welcomes Town Hall Cycle Rack

Cllr Muir at Town Hall Cycle Rack
I welcome the arrival of a Cycle Rack at Bangor Town Hall after campaigning for its installation for many months. A rack capable of accommodating four bicycles has been installed to facilitate Council workers, visitors and Councillors who choose to travel to the Town Hall via bicycle.

Cycling is a quick, cheap and environmentally friendly way to travel, especially for short distances. Provision of secure separate bicycle parking at the Town Hall is another small step towards a Bicycle friendly Borough. Research proves that good infrastructure facilitates and encourages cycling as a sustainable and active method of transport.

I am very thankful to Council officers for providing this rack with yet more progress on the horizon after securing a cycle rack at Sainsbury’s Bangor and support for exploring a Cycle Hire Scheme in Bangor and Holywood. The wheels seem to be in motion towards a Bicycle friendly Borough.