Sunday, 28 July 2013

Muir welcomes Kinnegar Sewage solution update

Cllr Muir at Kinnegar Lagoons
I welcome the comprehensive update provided by NI Water concerning planned solution to end the ongoing sewage pollution problem in the Kinnegar area, Holywood.

Update provided by Northern Ireland Water details a phased approach with contractor due to be appointed in November 2013, twelve month construction project to stop the pollution commencing in January 2014 with Lagoon Remediation taking place thereafter with draft report into viable options for remediation due in December 2013. A copy of the update can be obtained by emailing mail@andrewmuir.net 

Delivery of a definitive timetable to address the Kinnegar sewage pollution odour problem is welcome news for people living, visiting, working or travelling through Holywood who have endured the awful odours for far too long. I have campaigned relentlessly to solve this issue and will not rest until construction work is completed to end the pollution, remove the odours and return the lagoons to their natural state.

After sustained lobbying from myself I am delighted to hear that £3.5million funding has been confirmed to end the pollution. With an extensive project required to sort the problem including tunneling under the A2 Bangor to Belfast road and nearby Railway line the road ahead will involve significant work. I am therefore glad to learn that public consultation with residents directly impacted by construction will take place later this year in December 2013.

After pollution over such a protracted period of time the Kinnegar lagoons have been largely destroyed and must be repaired to safeguard local wildlife. I therefore look forward to hear about plans to restore the lagoons and help us move forward to a cleaner, greener environment. Until then I will lobby and pressurise NI Water on a regular relentless basis to get this problem fixed once and for all.