Muir welcomes new Town Centre Cycle Stands

I welcome provision of new cycle stands in Bangor and Holywood. Following concerted lobbying by me and a number of dedicated individuals Roads Service have now erected new cycle stands in both Town Centres are are looking for more sites.

Cllr Muir, Mayor of North Down at new Bike Stand in Bangor Town Centre
With many people now cycling into our Town Centres the need for secure and convenient cycle parking has been a pressing concern for many. After lobbying the Roads Service I am delighted to see new stands in both Holywood and Bangor Town Centres. Provision of the stands is yet another positive improvement helping to create a Bicycle friendly Borough.

With money available for additional stands I am keen to hear from people where they think any additional stands should be erected. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email mail@andrewmuir.net or telephone 07813 945411.