Mayor celebrates International Human Rights Day with Amnesty International

I welcomed community activists to the Mayor’s Parlour for a presentation of the International Declaration of Human Rights by Amnesty International members on International Human Rights Day on Tuesday 10 December 2013.

On International Human Rights Day I feel it’s important we recognise positive contribution Human Rights can have locally in North Down safeguarding rights and enabling people to realise the potential without discrimination. 

I am extremely grateful to the Amnesty International members who presented me with a framed copy of the International Declaration of Human Rights which will now be proudly displayed in the Mayor’s Parlour. 

The Declaration is known for it’s historical context after the horrors of war and it’s relevance to societies across the world as the second most translated document ever, surpassed only by the Bible.

As a Civic Leader I consider it my duty to champion and protect Human Rights everywhere and hope this event and display of the Declaration makes a small impact to improve lives of everyone across North Down and beyond.
I am particularly grateful to Bangor company Wall Hangers for framing the Declaration and local artist Lee Boyd for producing the Amnesty Candle we lit to celebrate International Human Rights Day.