Mayor goes back to School

 St Malachy’s Primary School Principal,
Head Boy and Head Girl and Mayor Muir
I went back to my roots on Monday 20 January 2014 by visiting St Malachy’s Primary School, Bangor. I attended the school until 1988 when I transferred to St Columbanus’ College, Bangor.

During my visit I met Principal Mr Rafferty, the Head Boy and Head Girl, Teachers, Pupils, Classroom Assistants the Building Supervisor and Catering Staff.

It was great to be back at my former Primary School to see a vibrant, inclusive, high quality learning environment in action. Since leaving in 1988 St Malachy’s has went from strength to strength with a warm, friendly atmosphere, excellent teaching and a sense of discipline prevailing throughout the high quality building. The inclusive respectful ethos that exists within St Malachy’s Primary School is positive and to be admired. All those involved with the school should be rightly proud of their achievements to date.

Mayor Muir and sister Nadine Muir
Both my sister and I attended the school and are grateful for the education provided, enabling me to progress to University and my sister to take a Masters Degree and specialise in Maths and Actuary. During our time at the school my Mum donated the ‘Muir Cup’ for trying hard. The level of focus and determination from all the Pupil’s in encountered during my visit made it clear that every Pupil now deserves this award in 2014.

I particularly enjoyed the question and answer session with Primary 7 Pupil’s who were all aware of the positive contribution Martin Luther King and other persons such as Ghandi and Mother Theresa made on the day when Martin Luther King’s legacy is celebrated across the USA and beyond. I look forward to welcoming the Primary 7 Pupil’s to the Town Hall later this year returning the warm welcome experienced at St Malachy’s.