Muir says Kinnegar Sewage works are long overdue

I have questioned NI Water after the company admitted it had fallen behind schedule in planned improvement works for the Kinnegar area.

A contractor was due to be appointed in November last year in an attempt to end on-going sewage problems for good, with Lagoon Remediation taking place shortly after.

But in correspondence with me, NI Water has now admitted the work is behind schedule with the announcement of a contractor now expected to take place in May.

It is disappointing that NI Water has fallen behind schedule on the Kinnegar improvement works.  Local residents and commuters have been living with these disgusting odours for far too long and the completion of the promised work must be an immediate priority.

I welcome NI Water’s attempts to alleviate the sewage problem, including raising the outlet weir of the lagoons, which seems to have reduced odour complaints significantly.  However these short-term solutions are not good enough and with only mask the overlying problem for so long.

Alliance activist Kate Nicholl added: “As a Holywood resident I am tired of not being able to enjoy the town’s open spaces or being able to open the windows of my home with confidence.  I look forward to the contractor being named and work getting underway later this year."