Bike Week 2014 wheels into North Down

I am encouraging people to pursue pedal power and enjoy range of events organised in North Down during Bike Week 2014 after originally requesting that Council compile such a range of events for the week which runs from 14 to 22 June 2014. 

Examples across Europe prove that cycling friendly Towns and Cities are healthy and attractive plans to live and visit promoting sustainable travel, active minds and active bodies. I am therefore a keen supporter of cycling and was eager to ensure North Down Council put the wheels in motion and celebrate Bike Week 2014 with a range of diverse events.

Bike Week 2014 in North Down will be delivered by the Council in partnership with Bangor Aurora plus North Down Cycling Club, who I am proud to support as a Honorary Member. Events will include the traditional North Down Coastal Challenge on 15 June, 12 hours of Spin at Queen’s Leisure Complex, Holywood on 16 June, Sprocket Rockets Children’s Cycle Skills event at Bangor Aurora on 17 June.

A novice cycle ride in Ballyholme will also take place on Tuesday 17 June, 5k and 10k gym challenge with Aurora and Queen’s Leisure Complex from 14 – 22 June, Cycling Event in Castle Park on Thursday 19 June, a mass outdoor charity spin class on 21 June at Aurora and opportunity to win a mountain bike via a prize draw. Full details can be found at www.bangoraurora.com and www.northdowncc.com

I look forward to supporting the events as someone firmly committed to a Bicycle friendly Borough with a track record of pro-actively leading and delivering sustainable travel solutions and sporting events together with others in order to build a new inclusive, active and prosperous Borough for everyone.