Mayoral praise for "Mr Holywood"

From left, Holywood Residents Association Treasurer
Alan Andrews, Dennis Ogborn MBE and Holywood
Residents Association Chairperson Raymond Hall.
I joined others in praising Mr Dennis Ogborn who was recently recognised by Holywood Residents Association by the presentation of a commemorative bench at their Annual General Meeting which was held on Thursday 8 May 2014.

Dennis Ogborn has diligently served Holywood for many years serving on Holywood Residents Association from it’s early days until recent times and as a Councillor from 1989 to 2005. 

The level of commitment shown rightly resulted in Dennis receiving an MBE in 1996 and is widely regarded as Mr Holywood for the work undertaken to help Holywood win and retain on many occasions the Best Kept Town Title. I am delighted to see Dennis receive this commemorative bench and hope he enjoys it as he enjoys his retirement.