North Down Schools overlooked again

Cllr Muir with Priory Integrated College Student Council
North Down Alliance Councillor Gavin Walker and I have highlighted our disappointment after schools across the area were again left out of the Education Minister’s latest investment plans.

Despite needing extensive new builds, Priory Integrated College, St Columbanus’ College and others such as Holywood Primary School were labelled not high priority and again missed from the Minister’s latest announcement.

Yet again Priory Integrated College and Holywood Primary School have been left on the backburner – despite in dire need of extensive refurbishment and new school builds.

This has been dragging on for far too long and parents, teachers and pupils deserve action.  The rebuild of Priory approved back in 2008 yet in 2014 still nothing has been achieved and a growing number of pupils are continuing to pass through tired, old buildings while officials get caught up in wider reviews.

Alliance will continue to promote integrated education as an essential part of build a shared and inclusive society for everyone

Councillor Gavin Walker added: “I am extremely disappointed St Columbanus’ College has not been included in the latest round of investment by the Education Department.  It has been waiting a long time for a new school build and absolutely deserves it.

“Whilst part of the Catholic maintained system, St Columbanus’ is a very mixed educator welcoming students from all backgrounds in the area.  The Minister must recognise the excellent work being done by everyone involved in the school to promote an inclusive learning experience for all students.”