Let’s light up Millisle to Donaghadee Roadway

I am calling upon the Department for Regional Development to re-consider their decision not to light up all of the Millisle to Donaghadee roadway after raising the issue with Minister Danny Kennedy. I raised the issue after being contacted by constituents seeking a fully illuminated route between Millisle to Donaghadee to enable walking, cycling and running at night.

As someone who values the outdoors and physical exercise I am acutely aware benefits of living in Holywood, Bangor or other major urban areas which permit walking, running, cycling and other sports day and night due to street lighting. I was therefore keen to progress request from constituents for Millisle to Donaghadee road to get a few extra street lights to enable safe passage between the village and town.

Whilst a significant amount of the road has Street Lighting a small 1km section does not have Street Lighting and is very dark at night. This section of pavement is also of relatively poor quality and in need to resurfacing. This makes passage by pedestrians, runners and cyclists difficult, inhibiting people from undertaking physical exercise routes, especially during the winter when darkness arrives early. By providing street lighting and pavement surfacing along this 1km section would allow runners, walkers and others to complete a significant circuit involving both Millisle and Donaghadee thereby enabling more active lifestyles and also enable people to easily travel between both places in greater safety.

I am extremely disappointed that Minister Kennedy has refused request for provision of street lighting along this short section plus associated pavement resurfacing but hope that the Department for Regional Development will re-consider this small initiative for funding in the medium to long term. By providing about 16 street lights positive opportunities would be opened up to link Millisle & Donaghadee and help deliver more healthy and active lifestyles.